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Business Plan Creation Resources

The exercises in each module will lead you through the process of building a strategic business plan. Choose one option below as a resource and format to create a Business Plan for your own business during this course.


AgPlan is powerful website developed to help rural businesses develop a business plan. It is free of charge for anyone to use individually or in educational programs. AgPlan is designed to provide customized assistance to different types of rural businesses. When you enter the site, you will be able to select your business type from the following choices: Ag – Commodity; Ag - Value-Added; Organic Transition; Personal Plan; Small Business.

Each business type has an outline designed specifically for that particular type of business, tips or questions that help you develop each section of the plan, sample business plans, and links to additional resources for each section of the plan. AgPlan is designed to help business owners work with an educator or consultant while developing a business plan. You can give access to your business plan to the reviewers of your choice and AgPlan will facilitate interaction with them.

Business Plan Template (Microsoft Word file download)

Click above to download a blank business plan template to use as a guide in developing your own business plan.

Module Text Versions

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