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Lifestyle Lender Course Information

Target Audience: New to intermediate lenders who will be making loans of $500,000 or less, and/or loans with non-farm income as a primary repayment source.

Training Type: Blended


  • Dr. David Kohl
  • Dr. Alex White
  • Ronnie Hucks
  • Elizabeth Benefield
  • Dr. Iwana Ridgill

Description: The Lifestyle Lender Course focuses on customer and financial product knowledge, portfolio segmentation, sales and marketing, tax return analysis, small loan analysis and much more. This eight-month training is presented in 10 online modules that include self-paced, interactive presentations by Dr. David Kohl, a live kickoff webinar, “halftime session” and a comprehensive final project.

Two weeks are allocated for each module and a halftime face-to-face training session will be held in Charlotte, NC. Offered spring and fall of each year.


  • Learn basic, foundational principles needed as a new agricultural lender.
  • Understand the difference between eligibility and scope of lending, and eligibility requirements for different groups of borrowers.
  • Learn characteristics of the lifestyle segment of borrowers, and details on analyzing loans to these borrowers.
  • Evaluate tax returns to find valuable information and ask informed questions.
  • Discover the basics of a sales call and prospecting for new business.

Online Modules:

  1. Lending to Lifestyle Borrowers: Eligibility, Scope of Lending, and Customer Knowledge
  2. Lifestyle Portfolio Segmentation and Layering of Risk
  3. Small Loan Analysis & Credit Evaluation
  4. Tax Return Analysis
  5. Legal Topics
  6. Technology, Alliances in Marketing & Loan Pricing  
  7. Sales & Marketing: Consultative Marketing
  8. Sales & Marketing: Strategic Prospecting
  9. Sales & Marketing: Call Preparation
  10. Sales & Marketing: Sales Call Process

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